Founded by Jon Miller and Art Wright in the fall of 2014 in Burlington, Vermont, our group of skiers and splitboarders spend our winters juggling life and family demands with getting out and exploring all of the underrated backcountry that the northeast has to offer. From the steeps and bowls of the Presidential Range to the frigid Chic-Chocs to the powder-filled glades of our home state.

Along the way we’ve crafted stories about why being in the backcountry is just as important as the actual skiing –and about the harsh lessons learned from pushing the limits in a low-tide season while in dangerous terrain.

Our core belief was that authentic stories by a group of enthusiasts about what the backcountry means to us, and how it helps shape our lives as skiers, riders and fathers, would resonate. We’re also so thankful to have made it through the events of 2016 and to share the story of what happened so that we can all learn how to stay out of harm’s way in the future.

 Art Wright - Gulf of Slides - Mt. Washington, NH - March 2016