Season on the Brink - Mother nature is neither for you nor against you, just indifferent. A lot happened during the winter of 2015-16; some of it great and some of it terrible. Come along for the ride with a group of close friends who set out to explore deeper into the northeastern backcountry, and along the way came face-to-face with the harsh realities of making sound decisions in the mountains.

50 Hours in Canada - Every good road trip begins with a helping of uncertainty as to what exactly lies ahead. When you’ve been someplace before, it doesn’t have quite the same feeling as that first time into the unknown. And even if you know people have been there before and skied it before, it just feels different when it’s your first time. And so it was that our group of backcountry adventuring dads found ourselves loading up the car for an all-nighter, 500+ mile drive to Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula and the Chic-Choc Mountains. As if to send us off in a fitting mindset after what has been a rough season so far out east, it was raining and 50 degrees on the third night of February in Burlington, VT. Such has been the 2015-16 season, where we’ve been paying back the piper for last winter’s all-time conditions. 50 hours and 15 miles of touring later, the only question that remained was: how soon can we go back? Music: Immortality by Pearl Jam Wait by M83 More: Full Trip Report

The Way Up - is the first foray into the world of documentary ski films by a group of 7 friends (and dads) who chase backcountry powder before chasing kids around. Filmed entirely in Vermont, New York and New Hampshire, the film is an authentic look at what the backcountry means to the everyday enthusiast.